Hello, my name’s Nathan and I’m a software engineer, a father, a blogger, a lifelong learner, and an outdoor sports enthusiast. Not the enthusiast type that jumps out of airplanes every weekend (I’ve actually never jumped out of an airplane and don’t really want to) but the type who just enjoys the outdoors as much as the next man (or woman). As I get older I realize more and more what’s important in this brief lifetime. Family is number one, always. Immediate family, distant family, work family, and friends that are like family, they’re all very important.

Making memories through key moments in life is important to me. I used to be a wild kid who didn’t think much about the future, but now, I’m in the future and I’m making the most of it. I’ve started Its Your Outdoor to help others find fun things to do with their loved ones. Sure videogames can be fun, but it’s often a fast track to poor health or obsession for most of us. Reuniting with the outdoors is truly a magical experience and the journey of finding your outdoor calling is always a fun ride.