Is it your dream to make your kayaking friends weep tears of jealousy as you swing your shiny new Bending Branches Angler Ace kayak paddle in front of them? Mine either. Believe it or not, I like my friends, well, most of them. But this paddle has that effect on people.
As you’re looking at your kayaking equipment, shopping for a new paddle, it’s tough to overlook the Bending Branches brand. They’re known for their fishing kayak paddles. They make sleek looking gear that lasts a lifetime. The company has been around for nearly 40 years, starting in 1982 in Wisconsin. All of their paddles are proudly American made. They were the first creators of the highly popular composite tip canoe paddle. Since 1982 their popularity has been on the rise. They now dabble in more equipment, offering stronger, stiffer, and more lightweight paddles than any other kayaking paddle brand. When you unbox and note the extreme time and effort they put into every paddle you realize how much Bending Branches truly cares about your outdoor adventure.

My Experience with the Bending Branches Angler Ace Paddle

paddle with fish

Like a kid waiting to open presents on Christmas Eve, I sat waiting on the porch for my package to arrive from Amazon. As the UPS driver pulled up I met him at his truck. “No need to walk far today Mr. Postman, I’ve got adventures to pursue”. He hands me the box and I’m off to the races. Bolting in the door as I’m ripping the package apart like a savage wolf shredding his prey. I swear to you, at first sight of my beautiful new kayak paddle, I nearly shed a tear. “It’s perfect,” I mutter to myself as I grasp the shafts, one in each hand. The 100% carbon shaft with ovalized comfort grip areas feel like heaven in my hands. The tape measure on the middle of the shaft will surely get high use as I’m reeling in the bass. The hook retrieval notch on one blade is smooth and obviously well crafted. As I connect the two ends of the shaft at the snapping ferrule system, I hear the sure click of quality. No doubt in my mind that this paddle will last me forever.
With the paddle assembled, I start swinging it in 60-degree angles in my living room. I can really feel the weightlessness now. I sit on the ground in front of my TV to give my new paddle a few proper strokes. “Perfect,” I tell myself. Carbon reinforces nylon blades are truly a wonder to behold. I immediately understand why they only offer a single color variation: black is the best. No doubt about it.

First Water Adventure with my New Paddle

With my handy dandy new Bending Branches kayak paddle, I take off to the river by my house. I hop in my 12′ kayak and start paddling. Quickly I get a sense of euphoria as I’m making the first stroked with my paddle in the water. Almost instinctive without realizing I was paddling at all, I’m already cruising on the water faster than ever before. I have to slow down with my new paddle more quickly than ever before also! With the wind in my hair (or lack of hair, rather) I’ve quickly reinvigorated my love for the waterways and kayaking. Everything seems new, not only my paddle. I cast my fishing pole out after spending 10 minutes getting to my favorite spot (it usually takes me 12!) After three casts I’m done, fishing isn’t what I’m here for. I have a new aim and that’s to have fun. I spend the rest of my time on the water fully realizing all the advantages it offers.

Final Thoughts on the Angler Ace Kayak Paddle

Get one! Seriously, this thing is amazing. It’s taken my kayak enjoyment to the next level. I’m having a ton of fun out on the water again. Get yours today and have some fun in the sun with your new Bending Branches Angler Ace snap fishing kayak paddle!