The time has come. You were finally able to coordinate some time off, either on your lonesome or with family.  If you found your way to this article, it’s time to learn all there is to know about your activity and destination: camping along the Oregon coast.  We will serve as your guide, your inspiration, your one stop shop for frequently asked questions and tips to make your trip as memorable and carefree as possible. Also, if you plan on kayaking while camping in Oregon, be sure to check out our kayak paddle guide.

We’ll start with a list of our destinations you should visit as you’re camping on the Coast of Oregon:

  1. Powder Creek Ranch
  2. Devil’s Lake (don’t worry, it’s not as evil as it sounds)
  3. Rock Ridge Campground
  4. Happy Trees Campground
  5. Sunset Bay Meadows

Powder Creek Ranch

For our guide we will travel down the Oregon Coast from North to South suggesting cozy and comfortable locations to camp out during your excursion into nature.  Our first suggestion lies in Beaver, Oregon at the 362 acre Powder Creek Ranch.  The ranch boasts affordably priced campsites from $35 per night, marvelous scenery that will set your rest-and-relaxation meters off the charts (or lower on the charts, which ever is better here), and farm animals so cute you may cry tears of nature-induced joy.  Their facebook page currently advertises 13 baby piglets that were just born and after viewing the pictures we may or may not be in love with the cutest little pig nose we’ve ever seen.  The hosts of the ranch also have great reviews so if you are seeking some insightful and warm conversation along the trip, Powder Creek Ranch is your destination.

Devil’s Lake Campground

Departing from Beaver, Oregon we will take a short 30 minute drive southwest to the absolutely gorgeous Devil’s Lake Campground located in Lincoln City.  Seriously, we could  get in touch with Webster and suggest having a picture of this place next to the words serene, picturesque, or postcardy (yes, we made up a word for them to add while we were on the call specifically for Devil’s Lake Campground).  Forest laden hills provide the backdrop for the lake itself.  Enough with the adjectives; do yourself a favor and Google this place already.  They have a quarterly E-news letter you can sign up for via their Facebook page so you can coordinate your stay with an event that interests you so woo hoo for convenience.  With available activities from biking and boating to paddle-boarding, hiking and nature watching, prices from $40 per night are absolutely worth it for this experience.  After this majestic masterpiece of a camping experience, where will you go (if you ever leave, that is) from here?  Keep reading and use this guide to imagine yourself traveling further down the magical coast of Oregon.

Rock Ridge Campground

Departing Lincoln City, we head 45 minutes straight down the coast via the (appropriately named) Oregon Coast Highway.  Our destination is Rock Ridge Campground located just outside of Newport.  Information on this one was pretty difficult to find on simple Google searches so definitely visit their website:  Their website has a captivating headline stating “Rock Ridge is a 121 acre property with trails, views of the ocean, fire pit gathering area, creek, and endless forests. Potential is limitless here, and the air is always fresh with an ocean breeze. Come see for yourself and get immersed in what this area is famous for; mountainous forests that line the sea.”  Come on, what can encapsulate the entire point of this trip (camping the Oregon Coast, duh) better than scenic forest with trails leading down to the beach?  Imagine enjoying a pick-nick on the side of a mountain from which you can gaze out at the Pacific Ocean, marching along the nature trails leading you down to the beach, filling your day with whatever activities your heart can desire, and ending back at the campsite watching the sun set over the ocean?  How much more magical can you imagine a camping trip being?  One testimonial we came across said it very well: “The site is very large and private with amazing views from the top of the ridge. We booked another trip while we were still there – so that should be a testament of how much we loved it! The hosts, Mike and Tonia, were so kind and generous. We can’t wait to go back next week!” – Kate B.  You had us at “booked another trip while we were there” Kate, thank you.  At this point, we are having trouble believing the second half this article will be able to match what has come thus far but hey, we will try.

Happy Trees Campground

Leaving what appears to be the zenith of our trip(so far), we are doing out best to pick out something unique for the remainder of the stops along the journey south.  This will bring us to a location called Happy Trees Campground.  Located just off of US-101 and only 30 minutes south of Rock Ridge, Happy Trees is located in the city of San Marine and a short drive from San Marine State Park(imagine that, right), but the real reason we chose Happy Trees is because of its access to these beautiful wave pools you find on the coast.  The perfect spot for children to spend a day playing, for you to waste away lounging on the coast, for the fellas to relive the nostalgia of their high school football days throwing a football, bear wrestling (hey, you never know), the wave pool spot is just great.  We know words are not going to really do it justice so we promise to include a picture (see below).

We found a review that we feel hit all points very well: “Green on three sides, the fourth is facing a cute house across the street. We faced our tent towards the woods, parked our car in front of our tent and felt well protected from the street. You can hear the cars on the main road about a half block down. However it was not intrusive at all. What really made this place a gem was the short stroll to private beach access. Beautiful beaches as far as the eye could see in both directions with barely a human in sight! This magical spot hit us right in the feels as we frolicked seaside with our dog. Ending the night around a cracking fire under the stars with the ocean crashing in was nothing short of spectacular. What’s more, its super close to town making it convenient to boot!” – Vanessa W.  The proximity to the highway is not intrusive; the closeness to the beach and sounds provided by the crashing waves, as well as short distance to town if you need to stock up on any supplies far outweighs any negative. Also mentioned in this review and many others was the assurance of privacy and the feeling of being tucked away in a little hidden gem of forest.  Sometimes you want to meet some nice locals to lose yourself in conversation with, sure, and sometimes you want to not see any other humans for some period of time.  This is going to be a location for those feeling the latter.  Something else to mention:  information online may state “RV only” on the property, but testimonials confirmed the hosts have no problem with tent stays.  To summarize, minutes walk to wave pools and extreme privacy!  Sounds like our kind of spot.

Happy Trees Oregon Coast Camping

Sunset Bay Meadows

Winding down the trip, we will finish on a high note with what is possibly the highest rated camp sight on our trip, Sunset Bay Meadows.  Located in the town by the same name, Sunset Bay Meadows boasts a plethora of activity for the whole family.  This one is going to take you almost 2 hours to get to, so do factor that into the day.  What caught our eye first was the accessibility of the Whiskey Run mountain bike trails which are referred to as “world class.” While that might be a little specific, the Sunset Bay Meadows State Park offers a network of hiking trails as well.  If you are more in the mood for a bit of relaxation, rest assured that is a great spot to wind down the trip and spend a night (or more) in quiet solitude.

“We had the pleasure of staying here all by ourselves. It was gorgeous. Quiet. Green. Beautiful little wildflowers everywhere. Lots of space to find level spots anywhere. We explored the land with our dogs and never worried about leashes” wrote Brooke S. from April 2020.  With great options for both ends of the vacation spectrum and quick access to restaurants to experience local seafood or barbecue, this is our selection to bring the trip to a close.  One word of advice: we noticed a couple of people state the location was slightly hard to find and that when you see the “do not enter” sign you are in the right place.  Apologies for the vague advice but we suggest to arrive during the day to make it easier on yourself.

(Apologies to our high school English teachers for beginning this with the word “and” but it feels appropriate) And with that, we have arrived at the end of our camping journey down the majestic and scenic Oregon Coast.  We hope you will find the information provided helpful, insightful, and informational.  We have no problem saying that if you pick any number of these camp sights to visit on your own personalized trip down the coast, you will be greeted with marvelous views, fun and/or leisurely activities, and great conversation with locals if you so desire human contact (and we completely understand if you do not).  Thank you for taking the time to consider our suggestions.  We hope you have a truly unforgettable time exploring the magnificent coast of Oregon and have learned loads about camping on the Oregon Coast.