As I mentioned in the top whitewater kayak paddles, the Camano ( pronounced ) paddle by Werner is gorgeous. It comes in 14 distinct styles with varying colors and even the Werner logo is adapted to match the color scheme on the blades. The Camano paddle is great for beginners and experts alike. It’s very permissive with a wide array of supported paddling angles but with a preference on lower angles. It will hold it’s own on the most challenging of whitewater rapids while making you look stylish with your brand new kayak touring down the river.

The Werner Paddles brand has been around for decades. For the longest time, Werner wasn’t interested in making flamboyant, attention-grabbing paddles. Made in Sultan, WA USA, Werner focused on quality and let their paddles speak for themselves. Only more recently did they create beautiful gradients on their paddles, focusing on aesthetics while maintaining the quality they’ve achieved over the decades. For example, check out the Swellz Blue style below:

Werner Camano Paddle Blades

The blades on this paddle are mid-size, not too big or too small, but the perfect size for most paddling situations. Made of premium fiberglass, the blades are durable and have a nice sticky texture to them. The blades truly sets this paddle apart from others in a similar price range. The color choices make this a fun paddle. Beware, you will be upset the first time you scrape a rock bed and put some scratches on your blades.

According to the Werner website, these blades have been the recipient of multiple design awards and it’s not difficult to see why. These blades tickle our fun side with the flamboyant and invigorating colors and patterns. Being mid-size blades, they’re suitable for the widest range of kayakers.

The Camano Shaft

The dihedral power face and reinforcement spine make the paddle shaft a treat to hold. It’s ultra-lightweight and maneuverable. It’s made of carbon fiber and holds its own in any kind of water, rough or mellow. The shaft is easily disassembled into two pieces with a simple twist and pull mechanism. The adjustable offset gives you precise angular control of the paddle blades in 15-degree increments. Two drip rings on both ends of the shaft keep water from reaching the grip area.


The relaxed grip and dihedral design of the shaft allows for countless hours of comfortable kayaking. The medium size blades are the perfect size for touring with both speed and power. With the adjustable shaft, there’s a perfect setting for all body types. Energy conservation happens naturally with the low angle preference of the paddle.


The history of the Camano paddle is interesting, particularly the etymology of the name. Camano is a small tourist island located in Washington’s Puget Sound. It’s a peaceful town with an economy that relies on tourism. It has gorgeous scenery and lush greenery. Camano isn’t too far from Sultan, WA, where the Werner brand started its journey. Filled with shorelines, Camano Island State Park is a friendly park for camping, hiking, and water sports. Werner strategically selects the name of each kayak paddle they produce, usually with a hint towards their heritage.


That’s it for our in-depth review of the Camano premium fiberglass kayak paddle. As you can likely tell by now, we can’t speak highly enough about this paddle. With its quality crafted features and array of beautiful colors, it’s hard to go wrong with this paddle. If you have questions please drop us a line.

Remember, stay safe, have fun, and surround yourself with loved ones. Until next time.